Stephanie George
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          I have always been a vivid dreamer.  Some years ago I started journaling them when I woke up. What fascinates me are the bizarre images that come to me, such as a deceased friend looking at her tiny skeleton in a shoe box, fish swimming by in a subway station, or a dress made out of Wonderbread wrappers that needs a zipper.  Sometimes it is a whole scene or narrative, sometimes a word or two and sometimes just an image.  At first these were just for my own contemplation and amusement.  They were too intimate and embarrassing to share with anyone.  Gradually after years of making art, I found myself returning to these images and eventually decided to try to find a way to use them in my work, which would convey their primitive, primal and naïve nature. 

After painting on canvas for years, I decided to try to capture these fleeting images in hand-printed monoprints because this method seemed more in keeping with the essence of dreams and their ephemeral nature.  

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