Dream (Helicopter to the rescue)     Dream (Sitting around on yellow chairs)     Dream (Woman setting painting on fire)     Dream (Mom in laundry basket)     Dream (VW bus on fire falling from sky)     Dream (Lecture in middle of street)     Dream (Mom crawling toward ocean)     Dream (Pushing Mom on ladder)     Dream (Nurse on stage with doll)     Dream (Broadcasting from bathtub)     Dream (Walking with Ethel)     Dream (Lynn with gun)     Dream (Cartoon woman and blue man in car)     Dream (Sitting around in middle of street)     Dream (Hanging from diving board)     Dream (Jeannie in studio)     Dream (Carol in studio)     Dream (Couple in trunk with dog driving)     Dream (Crawling away from man with rifle)     Dream (Man peering through window)     Dream (Cigar and joggers)     Dream (Large fish attacking in antique shop)     Dream (Driving with laundry basket)     Dream (Drawing group on rafts)  
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